Ad Issues

Some ad issues are outside of Acabado, you'll want to reach out to your ad provider for help with any of the following issues.

Ads Disappeared

If you’ve recently switched to Acabado and your ads have suddenly disappeared, you likely need to reach out to your ad representative and ask them to help get the ad placements set back up.  This is common step when switching themes.

Decrease in Revenue

Likewise, if you are noticing a decrease in revenue, check with your ad provider to make sure no placements were dropped in the change. 

Ads Resizing or Loading Slowly

You may notice your ads are loading slowly or resizing within a post. This is because the ads load after the content.  This helps speed up page loads but if you scroll very quickly at all, it does move the content which can be annoying.  This isn’t an Acabado issue, it’s an ad loading issue. Many ad broker lazy load ads for better reader retention. We find it’s better to load ads after the content, otherwise you find yourself waiting several seconds for content to load, which deters readers. You can talk to your ad provider about this feature as well.