Updated Post/Setting Changes Not Appearing

Sometimes changes in posts and settings don't appear automatically. Follow these steps to find out why.

1. Publish/Update

Make sure you are actually hitting "Publish" on the post or “Update’ in Acabado Settings. If you are making edits further down the page you may need to scroll over to the right or up to see the button. Changes will not go into effect without saving them.


2. Check Your Theme Version and License

Double check that you are running the latest version of Acabado and that your license is registered. If the version you are running is out of date or your license is inactive you may experience technical issues.

If you need to update your theme manually you can follow the instructions to do a clean install here: Acabado Isn’t Updating

3. Clear Your Cache

Websites and browsers often keep a stored copy of your site data to help pages load faster. Your site or browser may be loading a cached version of your site instead of the most recent changes. Likely, your changes will reflect with time as your site updates the cached information. You can speed up this process by clearing your cache and forcing the site to reload with the newest data. Since each browser can be different google how to clear the cache for your specific browser. You may need to reach out to your host support directly to clear your site cache. 

4. Check for Conflicts

If you have tried the above and still experience issues, it is likely a plugin conflict with the theme. The majority of problems on your site will be caused by plugins. In your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and deactivate all plugins. Then clear your cache again and see if the changes are present. If so, you can then re-enable the plugins one at a time to discover which is causing the conflict.


If you have tried all of the above steps and still experience problems, please submit a detailed Bug Report about the issue.